Honey Bunches of Oats – Greek Honey Crunch

Honey Bunches of Oats - Greek Honey Crunch

Our refrigerator is stock full of Greek Yogurt and anything that has Greek Yogurt in it gets a fair shake in our house. We have recently tried Greek Yogurt Bars, so it makes sense that our next product should be some cereal.

I also personally dig Greek Yogurt for the simple reason that it can really cut down sweet tastes and make them more appealing. That is what I think we will have here, is a cereal that can be a bit sweet, cut by the taste of the yogurt to give you something that you can eat for breakfast. Plus it just sounds healthy when you add the words Greek Yogurt to a product so from a marketing standpoint it makes a lot of sense. Hopefully we will get some of the product for review soon, and I am sure once I point it out to my wife we can expect to see Honey Bunches of Oats – Greek Honey Crunch in our kitchen next week.

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I am the one that gets the family down at the table and takes notes for our cereal reviews and writes the final product
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