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Fairs are notorious for deep frying pretty much everything and this year they actually came up with something new: deep fried cereal which debuted at the San Diego County Fair. 

The creator of the new dish is called Chicken Charlie and is known for his ability to create new and exciting deep fried goodies. For his new concoction, he takes cereal such as Trix and other sugary cereals and mixes them with wet pancake mix. He then puts them into the deep fryer and garnishes them with some of the uncooked cereal.

Chicken Charlie, real name Charlie Boghosian, has become the go to guy when it comes to creating deep fried treats and his new one has certainly pleased cereal lovers everywhere.

His other infamous deep fried escapades include turned Oreos, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, White Castle cheeseburgers, s’mores,  and the ever loved Twinkie.

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