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Cereal Mash Ups are the product of many things. Being sick of the cereal you have, only having a little bit of one cereal left, or maybe just adding sweetness to a rather bland cereal. With Life Cereal and Cheerios Cereal this week, I actually hit on two of the above mentioned reasons for the Mash Up. Cheerios can be a bit bland and there was only enough life to add for half a bowl of cereal. Well I can tell you that Cheerios and Life go nice together. I will probably say though Cheerios is probably one of the best Mash Up cereals being able to work with a lot of different products out there in the breakfast cereal world.

The extra sweetness of the Life cereal was a very nice complement to Cheerios as I really do not like to add sugar to any of my cereals even something like Cheerios, it just distorts the milk from my experience and you end up with a sludge on the bottom of the bowl. You end up trying to scoop up a bit of sugar with each bite and it just does not work out all that well. Tell us some of your favorite mash ups and we will try them here on My Cereal Box.

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