Chocolate Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms are probably the most purchased cereal in the house as everyone seems to like them, so when I saw that there was a chocolate version I just had to pick up a box. I know my son that doesn’t like chocolate would not be interested, but the rest of the household was going to be interested in trying this slant on a classic.

As quoted by my wife on Chocolate Lucky Charms: “It will either be really really good, or really really bad”

I tend to agree here, but I am hoping they end up on the really really good side, something akin to Count Chocula, but of the friendly leprechaun variety. Stay tuned as I am sure we will end up opening these and taste testing sometime soon, but for now we just have box of Chocolate Lucky Charms in our cabinet.

About Damon Cap

I am the one that gets the family down at the table and takes notes for our cereal reviews and writes the final product
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