Emma Fuhrmann Talks Favorite Cereal

Favorite cereal: “My favorite cereal is Honey Nut Cheerios- yum!”

Emma Fuhrmann

A talented 10-year-old recently finished filming her film, The Magic of Belle Isle, in which she has the starring role along side Morgan Freeman. Emma currently resides in Texas but continues to work on various projects as she hones her acting ability. She began her career modeling as an 18-month old. Even though she enjoyed the modeling, as soon as learned to read she gravitated toward acting. Emma first appeared on the pilot episode of NBC series “Chase” as Sissy Peele. She later also appeared in NBC’s show, “Prime Suspect.”

Celebrity Cereal Picks is where we talk to our favorite celebrities for our other websites, but sneak in the question of their favorite cereal to share with our readers here!

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