Life Crunchtime Strawberry Cereal Review

Strawberry Life Crunchtime Cereal

Life Crunchtime Strawberry Cereal was one of those cereals that did not do well in our taste test:

Originality – Life Cereal Original is one of my favs so trying for a brand extension with Crunchtime seems like a good idea. The strawberry portion left me a bit worried though.

Aftertaste – Very fake strawberry aftertaste, bleh

Mouth Feel – A very good crunch going on here, without being too hard

Sweetness – Again, they achieve a good sweetness level, not too sweet to overwhelm

Flavor – Fake, fake, fake tasting, nothing even close to a real strawberry experience, one could even go on a limb and say it has a chemical type strawberry taste, this is where mouth feel and correct sweetness can not help you out.

Look – Not your typical life cereal look or texture. more similar to honeycomb cereal with the circular look and holes, kinda like little mini wheels of strawberry.

Packaging – I like the way they setup the box. The life logo is very prominent so you know what cereal you are eating, but they use a strawberry as the bowl and the little milk that is spraying out, makes you think of a juicy strawberry. Very good here on all accounts.

Around the Table – All four of us only took one bite. It was not bad enough to split out, but no one was diving back in for more either. The only one in the family that actually liked them was our baby Kid L, who is too young to even get a vote at this point. This is not going to be a cereal we purchase again. We may still be interested in the other flavors though in the Crunchtime cereal line as the sweetness and mouth feel were good. They just could not overcome the overall fake strawberry flavor.

The following scores (out of 5) were recorded during our cereal taste testing:
Damon Cap – 1
Jocelin Cap – 1
Kids C – 1
Kid N – 1

About Damon Cap

I am the one that gets the family down at the table and takes notes for our cereal reviews and writes the final product
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