Pebbles Boulders Limited Edition Stone Age Caramel Apple Cereal Review

Pebbles Boulders Limited Edition was poured into bowls at the table for review and our thoughts are below:

Originality – I found the idea very original and it looked great on paper (or the box).  Jocelin Cap called the idea a bad imitation of Apple Jacks.  The kids were excited to try it and found the idea cool.

Aftertaste – Very strong artifical aftertaste

Mouth Feel – I found them a bit hard, you might have to wait these out in some milk. Jocelin also agreed with this assessment and found them too hard as well.

Sweetness – They were not as sweet as I would have thought, I should have had an idea though based on the blurb on the top of the box that we were trying to go healthier and that might mean less sugar. Jocelin Cap went so far to say that she found the sweetness level to be good the one compliment to the cereal.

Flavor – Very artificial apple taste was found by both Jocelin Cap and myself. I did not feel that the taste was caramel or apple or any mix of the two.

Look – The boulders and bones idea was actually good and it looks like a fun cereal. The kids agreed with the fact that the cereal looks good.

Packaging – Boulders are a great idea and the packaging is a great compliment to the Fruity Pebbles line. Who doesn’t like Fred and Barney?

Around the Table – It was a pretty disappointed table after this was served. I personally had high hopes as I am a big fan of Fruity Pebbles. You also have the statement in the corner saying it might be on the same level as the great Honey Nut Cheerios? High hopes indeed. Well at the table three of us were not even able to finish the small sampling bowls we used. The problem is the flavor is very artificial and does not harken to any food I could identify in the real world. Kid C finished the bowl but still was not going to be looking for it every morning for breakfast either. I like the idea of Limited Edition Cereal to check the pulse of the breakfast world, but this one was not a win unfortunately. The only saving grace is the fact that it is geared towards the healthier end of kids breakfast cereals, so if you child likes it you can feel comfortable about that.

The following scores (out of 5) were recorded during our taste testing:

Damon Cap – 1
Jocelin Cap – 1
Kids C – 2
Kid N – 1

Introducing a new cereal with Mammoth taste from Pebbles! New Pebbles Boulders cereal has 16 grams of whole grains along with playful boulders and dinosaur bones – offering a boulder part of a complete breakfast!
• 16 grams of whole grains* – more whole grains per serving than Honey Nut Cheerios**
• Only 8 grams of sugar
• 110 Calories
• Excellent Source of Vitamin D
• Provides 10 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
• Contains no high-fructose corn syrup
* Nutritionists recommend eating three or more servings of whole grain foods per day (about 16g whole grain per serving or at least 48g per day)
**Honey Nut Cheerios is a registered trademark of General Mills IP Holdings, LLC

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I am the one that gets the family down at the table and takes notes for our cereal reviews and writes the final product
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